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The Ghana Federation of Traditional Medicine Practitioners Associations (GHAFTRAM) also known as the FEDERATION was established in 1999 by the then government under the auspices of the Council for Indigenous Business Associations (CIBA) in Ghana.

The purpose of the formation of the Federation was to;

  • Put all the splinter groups of Traditional medicine practitioners under one umbrella Association and yet allow the separate groups to have their own peculiar identities.
  • Ensure and maintain sanity in traditional medicine practice in Ghana thus the formation of GHAFTRAM National Co-ordination, Monitoring and Evaluation committee.

GHAFTRAM or the Federation after working effectively in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, Ghana had its formal recognition on July 7, 2008 and has been participating in almost all activities under the Ministry.


GHAFTRAM is currently made up of 40,000 Traditional Medicine Practitioners (TMP’s) including all practice groups but 25,000 practitioners have registered with the practice groups under the Federation.

The Federation is made up of five (5) Mother National Associations and about eight affiliated practice groups.

Mother associations

  1. Ghana National Association of Traditional Healers (GNATH)
  2. Ghana Psychic and Traditional Healers Association
  3. Traditional Herbalist Association of Ghana
  4. Traditional Service Organisation (TSO)
  5. Plant Medicine and Traditional Healers Association
  6. Universal Plant Medicine and Traditional Healers Association

Some affiliated members

  • Ghana muslims traditional healers associations
  • Kpolifa association of Ghana
  • Ghana Association of Medical Herbalists (GAMH)

Some Traditional medicine practice groups under the federation includes;

  • Herbalist
  • Bone setters
  • Circumcisers
  • Psychic and Spiritual Healers
  • Traditional Birth Attendants
  • Medical Herbalists etc.


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Ghana Federation of Traditional Medicine Practitioners Associations